10 Things Child and Family Lifestyle Photographer Jenny Grimm Loves

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I like to indulge every once in a while, but what I really enjoy doing is sharing my most loved items with my favorite people – YOU! 

Today I’m sharing just a few of my favorite things…

1. Spending time with family

Thank you Bobbi Photo for capturing one of my favorite family moments!









-Dr. Seuss

Family time is priceless. Recently, our family had a medical scare that forced us to re-prioritize. As a wife, mother, and business owner, it’s easy to harbor guilt because you want to make everyone happy. Flexibility with your ever-changing life balance is so important. If I ever master it, I’ll be sure to share my secret!

2. Adobe lightroom

Admittedly, I’m generally turned off by an over-complicated process. I love software that is relatively easy to use, and with Lightroom, I’m able to bring my vision to life and enhance all of the tones and detail with my work.

3. Amazon prime

IMHO, this is a MUST for busy mamas. Especially for those who can’t seem to fit shopping during normal business hours (yeah, you can thank your kiddos for destroying your predictable routine). Easy and convenient shopping? Via an app with a few clicks of a button? Check + done, you’re talkin’ my language!

4. Canon 5d markiv

My new camera upgrade (previously Canon 5D Markiii) boasts superior low light capabilities, all while consistently delivering gorgeous color. This workhorse of a camera is practically with me wherever I go!

Pssst… curious to see what else is in my camera bag? I’m an open book! Check it out HERE

5. Canon 135mm f/2L lens

Helloooooo, dreamy bokeh and compression!! It’s like BUTTAH. This is a new addition to my photography gear list, and it’s my sidekick for all of my outdoor shoots.

6. Canon 35mm f/1.4L ii lens

Meet my go-to. I’ve done many many sessions with JUST this one lens. Just like the previous lens I shared (Canon 135mm), it’s a prime (fixed) lens. This focal length is the Goldilocks of lenses for my style of work: it conveys the perfect amount within the frame that helps tell a story- not too much and not too little!

7. My anti-aging shampoo

Okay, I have to admit- I’ve always searched for a quick fix and tried out almost every salon line out there: Kevin Murphy, Bumble & Bumble, etc. I’ve never fallen more in love with a haircare line more than Monat. ANNND postpartum hair loss was really terrifying and embarrassing for me after having my kids. After that phase of hair loss passed, I then experienced dandruff. Grosss- I was determined to find a naturally-based product line that TREATED my hair AND scalp. I’m tired of wasting time on products that puts a band-aid on the problem, not treating the source. Along came my BUSY photography gal pals with full-on thriving businesses. They kept preaching how amazing this stuff is, and more importantly, how well run this company is. I was shocked that they made time for this. I started out JUST as a consumer (and a huge skeptic), but I love that they stand behind a confident money-back guarantee. I’m currently enjoying a built-in savings on an anti-aging hair care line that my ENTIRE FAMILY uses. (I especially love their kids naturally based shampoo + leave-in detangler; the husband uses the 2-in-1 shampoo + men’s styling clay.) My hair has never been healthier, and has never grown this fast!

I will never, ever share a product or service that I don’t believe in or use myself. And I’m crazy conscious of how sales-y this may seem. So if you want to know more, just message me. Happy to share my personal experience with you. 🙂

8. My camera backpack

I just got this beauty for Christmas, and I am in looooooooove!!! Not only is it pretty, but it has SO. MANY. POCKETS. I’m swooning over here. It’s made of vegan leather too, so it’s super lightweight (my shoulders and back are happier) and easy to clean. 

9. SUMMERS in Chicago

A HUGE shout-out to one of my favorite photogs, Emily Lucarz for this gem of a session of me and my daughter!

The first snowfall in the season is always a beautiful sight to see… until the white snow quickly turns black. And it’s coooooold… brrrr! I’ll forever love our summers in the city. Oh, and ICE CREAM. They just go hand in hand. All the more reason to attend that workout class we’ve all been putting off…

10. Vacation and travel



It doesn’t matter if our ‘vacation’ translates to a simple staycation in town, a quick weekend away, or a full out plane ride to a destination that requires a passport. What any kind of vacation means is that you get a mental break of your daily grind. It’s healthy, and self-care is so, so important. I’ve always preached that you can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first. And that’s something that I stay conscious of, especially because my default is to demote my priorities first.

Runner up: COMFY flats

Of course after I published this post, I had a “d’oh”!! moment because I realized I forgot to include my all-time favorite flats. Another busy mom trait? NO TIME to fuss with complicated footwear. Have you ever fully dressed your toddlers in all that winter gear, and everyone is allllmost out the door, only to realize you forgot something? Chances are one of the kids gets partially undressed because they have short attention spans. These flats are life because they’re durable, earth-friendly green, and COMFY. I own 3 pair, and I’m trying to justify which color I need to add to my wardrobe. They offer round-trip free shipping, which is great if you need to try these on. I love the Point version because it’s visually elongating on the legs! I went a half size up because they don’t stretch out.

Here’s a $20 code for you try any pair out! You’re welcome. 🙂

Well, I hope you enjoyed learning about some of my favorite things. I’d love to get to know YOU and your family more too. (My 2018 sessions are booking up quickly, so don’t hesitate to reach out!)




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P.S. Please note that this post contains a few shameless affiliate links. Yes, I get a small kick-back from the referrals, but I wouldn’t lead ya astray. My favorites recommended here are used in my own business and daily routine. Feel free to shout out or message me for more info. I’m an open book! 😉