I am so thankful to have the BEST clients. You guys make me blush!

But don't just take my word for it. Read some lovely words by some lovely people.




"Jenny is a gifted photographer.  But she also brings her loving heart, her amazing energy and enthusiasm, and an incredible attention to detail to each session, and all of this makes for beautiful, natural images.  Jenny has captured moments that I know will always warm my heart and bring me back to just how I felt at that stage of my children's lives.  Moments I never want to forget.  Jenny has been photographing our twins since just a week after they were born.  She is constantly going out of her way to make things easy for us at our sessions, and to make each session personal and unique.  She plans everything, so I don't have to worry about anything but showing up.  She even stood outside in the rain to save a parking spot for us at one of our sessions (all while carrying all kinds of props, and her camera equipment)!  Honestly, Jenny has a truly kind heart, and children and adults alike pick up on that, and it puts everyone at ease.  As I told her after our holiday session - miracles happen when she is behind the camera!  We have loved all of our sessions, and we love Jenny!"

❤︎ Ashlee Szelag

"As a mom and wife, you see beauty in all the small and big moments with your kids and husband. They are the most special people in the world to you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder--becoming a mom heightens your awareness of this simple phrase. I don't know how she did it but Jenny captured so many of those beautiful moments and expressions that I love and see everyday from each of my guys, big and small. Jenny came into our home for our family session and my kids immediately took to her. She has a gentle firmness that helps her to command the attention of a very hyper three year olds but in the nicest way possible. My three year old Walter was sad when his new friend Jenny had to leave. With our baby Wyatt, she was quick to capture all sorts of expressions and she had no qualms about making silly faces and noises to get some great smiles. As you can tell, we are beyond delighted with the beautiful moments and expressions Jenny captured of our family."  

❤︎ Angela McGee

"We've been doing photo shoots with Jenny Grimm Photography since our son was just a little guy and LOVE all of our photos (seriously I think there's a photo Jenny took framed in every room in our house!). She has such a knack for capturing moments that are real and is so fun to work with (she's not afraid to be goofy to get that kiddo to smile)! Highly recommend to anyone looking to capture special moments of their kids or family!" 

❤︎ Diana Fleck

"Not only is Jenny Grimm an amazing and creative photographer, she also puts her clients totally at ease and makes them feel so comfortable. I was nervous to get our pictures done since neither of us have had professional photos taken before... Jenny made us feel relaxed and we had such a fun day! She took a mix of unique and traditional posed shots. Our photos were awesome and we received many compliments on our printed cards!"

❤︎ Lindsay Martinko

"I've had my children photographed before, but with our impromptu session with Jenny, she really captured their personalities and the images were rather magical. If looking for a referral, I can't suggest Jenny enough. She not only puts all her love into her work, but she gives 200%. Five stars and then some from us!"

❤︎ Kelly Schmidt, of Paleo Infused Nutrition


"Lets be honest. Sometimes getting photos done can be awkward. You don't know what to do, you don't know if you're smiling too hard, etc. And then Jenny comes along. She puts you at ease instantly, makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and catches you in the best moments without you even knowing it. She has such an amazing eye for photography and her subjects. Ive worked with her twice and plan on doing newborn photos as well with her. I couldn't imagine having anyone else."

❤︎ Ashley Orth

"I have the biggest smile on my face!!! How in the world did you capture these moments in the midst of all the chaos with my family and the wind and the sun??!! You are a natural! So much talent and a quick finger and eye for a great shot!!! LOVE!!! Such an amazing job! Thanks again for your time and love for me and the girls!! These photos are beautiful!!! I seriously am in LOVE with these shots and am sooo thankful of your time and efforts. So fun and easy to work with too! XOXOXO!"  

❤︎ Grace Lee

"I don't even know where to begin to express how happy my husband and I have been with Jenny Grimm Photography! She has done three shoots for us, first taking our daughters newborn pictures when she was only 7 days old. She came to our condo with her baby whispering skills. She was patient and took her time and she was not disturbed by all the interruptions of the many newborn feedings, pooping, peeing......and feeding again:) The pictures turned out incredible and I will never forget that day and how she captured my tiny newborn.
Our second shoot was a fall session which we decided to do at Lincoln Park Zoo. Which was beautiful at that time of year with all the fall colors. I just love how organized and prepared she is for each session! She has a knack of being able to get my daughter to laugh on a cold November day. The pictures once again were amazing!!!!!!
And our most previous shoot was for my daughters one year (smash cake session). Which we did at Jenny's new studio. She welcomed us in and I was so happy to finally get to see the studio. I really wanted to capture her diving head first into her first taste of cake. And Jenny did just that!! We all had such a great time.
Jenny is incredibly talented, and has a great eye for capturing the perfect pictures. But she is also so sweet and has such a gift with babies. I can't say enough good things about her and her work. I feel so blessed to have met Jenny and to have her capturing theses precious moments with my family.

❤︎ Brittany Gunther

"Jenny, you are seriously SO TALENTED, and these pictures are treasures. The skyline photos are so incredibly awesome-- I'm so glad that you suggested that we go over there. You've given us soooo many framing options!!! Thank you again for these amazing memories. We were so honored to be the subject of your photos, and it was such a fun, special day." 

❤︎ Meredith Ferrill

"Amazing experience!! Jenny didn't even sweat photographing our large family including 4 kids, ages 4 and under. We had so much fun and the pictures are gorgeous. Thank you Jenny!"

❤︎ Elizabeth Jutte




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