XOXO | yaira oliveras (text only)

Jenny's photos are truly a work of art. Her energy in embracing every moment combined with her tasteful eye, delivered the greatest love letter I could ever ask for our family. Every single photo made me feel so grateful for the love that transpired through the lens. Her style is so organic and effortless, it was an experience that we will forever hold dearly to our hearts.

XO Yaira


Let's be honest. Sometimes getting photos done can be awkward. You don't know what to do, you don't know if you're smiling too hard, etc. And then Jenny comes along. She puts you at ease instantly, makes you feel comfortable in your own skin and catches you in the best moments without you even knowing it. She has such an amazing eye for photography and her subjects. I couldn't imagine having anyone else.

❤︎ Ashley O.



Thank you for coming into our lives and helping us capture these moments and making the overall experience so warm and exciting. It was a delight seeing your talent through the lens. We are so so happy with choosing you for this experience. Thank you for being such a warm and loving photographer. We would not have it any other way now. Thank you also for being so open as a mother and sharing your journey, love the opportunity to meet strong women. Thank you x 1000! We love everything! I wish I could print it all!

- Yaira Oliveras