repeat Client Questionnaire

Hello again!


I'm so thrilled to have another opportunity to photograph you and your family. Inevitably, there's been a length of time that has elapsed, and your kiddo(s) have probably changed. Please use this (shorter) questionnaire to update me on anything new, important, or relevant to our session together so that I can make the most of our time together.

Thank you so much! :)

Name *
Phone # *
Phone #
When is your desired date of session? *
When is your desired date of session?
When is your due date?
When is your due date?
(If applicable)
Just the kiddos' ages, please. ;)
What sort of session/package are you interested in? (You can select more than one if you aren't sure) *
This excludes newborn sessions. Newborn sessions are typically indoor, unless it's absolutely gorgeous outside and parents are willing. ;)
Otherwise, don't worry, I have a long + growing location database for spots all around town! ;)
You can add a link to my website or blog, or just describe the image/session.
I.e. Pretend sneezing, playing mickey mouse theme song, etc.
I like to get a bit of personal info about the children to help break the ice. For example, is your kiddo shy? Super out-going?
If you can, be sure to include an upbeat and a slow-it-down option! ;)
I only mention this because I often get emails from the mamas saying the husband is embarrassed about a bald spot on the head, for example. So I would go back and retouch that area a bit post-processing. If I know this is a self-conscious area from the beginning, it'll help me compose my shots a bit differently during the session to flatter you best. Plus it'll help reduce my editing time. ;)