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Art is personal, and it helps add that extra layer of character when decorating your home. Curating art pieces isn’t just about whether you like the color or image itself- it’s also about whether they work harmoniously with all of the surrounding elements in that space.

For instance, adding a vibrant print against your home’s monochromatic palette can be revitalizing. We can’t all live in places of paradise (like Hawaii), so why not liven up your world with depth and color! Personally, every time I see a vibrant print, it recreates the essence of vacation in my heart. Brighten your spirits with these uplifting prints!


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Donating + Designing

I’m happy to announce that JGP will be donating 1% of greeting card sales from the Hawaii collections to SeaLegacy. For all other collections, 1% will be donated to My Block My Hood My City.

SeaLegacy’s mission is to create healthy and abundant oceans, for us and for the planet. My Block, My Hood, My City is committed to ‘taking care of people, no matter what.’ They also provide underprivileged youth with an awareness of the world and opportunities beyond their neighborhood. And with recent events, they’ve committed to supporting small businesses with repairs and ensuring seniors have access to essential supplies.

Change starts with us. Personally, I’m making a conscious effort to reduce my own carbon footprint can ignite change globally. I’m committed to paying it forward and helping these organizations with good purpose!


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