Dear Chicago Super-Mommy, 

I see you and I admire you. You work really hard full-time at a job-job, or really hard full time with your kids. Either way your candle burns, it's exhausting work that requires rolling those sleeves up, hustlin' and bustlin' in the city. 

If you're tuning in to see what's going on here, chances are, you are ready to embrace a little more MOMMY SELF CARE.

We all feel little bit of guilt if we neglect that load of laundry, pile of dishes, or those extra minutes of toddler time. But if we're not investing some quality downtime for OURSELVES as mommies, chances are we're feeling spread a bit thin. 

I speak from personal experience from when I was doing too much and over-committing, working a full-time job, running a part-time business, commuting back and forth during rush hour to pick up the kiddo from daycare, building a house with permit nightmare mayhem, packing up our home while preggo, and MOVING...twice...with a little newborn and a toddler. Fun times. 

I think my hairstylist is extra polite during my hair appointments and avoids telling me how many gray hairs I've acquired over the last couple of years.

Ah, the joys of life-balance.

I'm finally starting to practice what I preach. I'm building more time in my schedule to have more date nights with the husband and more lunch dates with my girlfriends. I'm trying not to neglect my relationships. My friendships. My people who want to help me and support me.

 Motherhood can feel incredibly isolating at times.  My goal for this group is to bring us like-minded super-mommies together, build new friendships and let loose! All while supporting a charity or two - it'll be fun and we'll do something good for the world we live in, so why not?

Every little bit counts!