Mommy boudoir photography is the perfect way to glam-up and treat your beautiful self (and maybe your hubby,  or cute naked babe too)!

It's an opportunity to be able to see yourself the way your loved-one sees you: as gorgeous

But I understand if there are some concerns. 

Like, "will I be naked?" Or, "who will see the photos?" Or even, "What about my big ole mommy belly?!"

Here's some helpful FAQs to put you at ease:




Just the right amount of sexy. You will NEVER be completely naked in any of the shots. Your comfort and consideration are very important to me + to the outcome of the session. Discretion is my utmost concern.

A huge PERK of booking your boudoir session with JGP is my in-home dedicated bedroom studio. We can do the session in the comfort + privacy of my home. There's no need to feel self-conscious or shy :)


Even if the final photos are a gift to your boyfriend or husband - this session is ultimately for YOU. So YOU are the one who needs to be excited and it has to be YOU who is comfortable with the idea. If you aren't 100% into the idea of a boudoir session, don't force it. The experience should be carefree and fun. You'll find that when you let go of the stigmas of being a mother + having a mother's body, you'll truly love the boudoir experience... and yourself!


You will be sent a password protected gallery of your photos which you can view, mark as private, download, + print directly from the site. 

All photos you receive (either through the gallery or a matted copy) will be fully edited - the images will be softened and you'll have difficulty finding all the "flaws" of stretch marks or cellulite.


While going on Pinterest or searching for boudoir images online can be helpful to get you excited for your session - it's just not realistic to exactly replicate an image you've found online. Your session will be customized to you + your body type. Which will allow for images that perfectly represent the beauty that is truly you. 


Try on your clothing options at home first! If you like how you look in the mirror, you'll love how you look in the photos. 

Don't overthink it + buy a smaller size of clothing or accessory. You just gotta own it + stick to your usual size.

Check your clothing + accessories for any stickers, tags, or other items that may pop out during the session.

If you're not feeling the tummy-love, you DON'T have to wear a bra + panty combo. You can still be boudoir in a simple dress or even your husband's button-up.


If you plan on waxing any areas, be sure to do so 5-7 days before the session to avoid bumps.

If you have painted nails, make sure they are complete. You won't want half painted or chipped nail polish to be the only thing you dislike about your photos.

BUT... BUT...

Girl, you got this! The body you rock as a mom + wife is amazing for all it's bumps + bruises. A mommy boudoir session allows you to see you for your gorgeous self + maybe hush the little voices telling you you aren't good enough! 

because you are. 


You may feel nervous to branch out + give mommy boudoir photography a try. 


If you keep an open mind, have a positive attitude, and trust in me, I can assure that you will look + feel your best!

A positive attitude can make a boudoir session uplifting + life-changing!