Do you still happen to have empty walls…



even though you have PRETTY PICTURes on your hard drive?


Despite having access to these lovely digitals on your computer, phone, or Dropbox… 

Your family photographs, and images of your favorite people in the entire world belong on the walls of your home.

Psychologists have studied the effect of having family photographs displayed in the home and found that those children with photographs displayed in the home grew up with greater confidence and sense of belonging than those who didn’t. They had stronger feelings of value and a better understanding of where they came from.

And it’s not just our littles who benefit from seeing photographs on the walls. On the hard days, like the day you got some sad news about a friend, or the day that your littles just won’t stop fighting (all. day. long.), seeing those photographs on your wall can boost your spirits too. I’m not saying that hanging family pictures on your wall will solve all the world’s problems. But it can give you a little boost, a little pause, a moment of gratitude for the amazing people in your life.

The types of images you display can have a profound effect as well. Imagine a photo of your grandparents or great-grandparents from 30 years ago. They’re perfectly groomed, posed formally and smiling at the camera with a ‘say cheese’ sort of smile. Now imagine a photo of them with their arms around each other. She’s letting out a big belly laugh at something he said. For as long as you can remember he’s been cracking jokes and playing pranks. Wouldn’t you rather be reminded of how much they loved and laughed and the feeling you got when you were around them instead of just remembering what they looked like?

I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve got to echo it again. You see, it’s not about a technically pretty, posed photograph. Those are nice too (well, let’s be honest. Mostly for the grandmas…hence my term ‘grandma pose’), but it’s ALL ABOUT YOUR CONNECTION. It’s not just about what you look like now, but I want your family portraits to show everyone how you FELT that day. It’s why I keep going back to emotion and conveying relationships in an image. It’s my photography spinal backbone. It’s very much the reason why I spend so much time and energy learning and observing your unit. Why I don’t stare at my watch during our sessions. It’s all because I care about how your experience is- it definitely resonates in your imagery, and that ‘feel good’ stuff is addictive to all those who see the result too. (Me included!)  Emotion and feelings are what fuel my passion for this art. And I want my art to show your family just how much love you have for each other. And not just this generation- but all of those future ones too.


Previously, ‘just’ being all-inclusive and giving you all of your files and then a ‘see ya’ wasn’t quite good enough. Too many of my families were procrastinating too long post-session to figure out which images to print and frame. I’d get a cry for help months or YEARS after our session. So if I’m able to help- let’s DO THIS!

So you may find yourself so overwhelmed by the number of images that you love from our session that it seems IMPOSSIBLE to choose which to display on your precious wall space… 

(Trust me, it’s kind of a NICE problem to have.)

I find that it’s best to plan out visually what looks best together based on your home wall space and furniture arrangement. So I’ve come up with a solution JUST for YOU so you can get started (or update!) your home gallery:  



Okay, time to show off your pretty memories. CLICK HERE FOR GALLERY INSPO!