Helpful Resources

The Caring Doula

The Caring Doula can support new parents anywhere within 6 miles of 60647 (essentially all of Chicago). Postpartum can be a lonely and tough time for new parents. The Caring Doula is there to help alleviate any stress in the form of newborn care, breastfeeding/bottle feeding assistance, preparing meals, folding laundry, giving resources for mental and physical health specialists, listening when you want to talk about your birth story or recovery concerns, and whatever else you would find supportive during that time.

Want to know more? Feel free to look at the Caring Doula’s website and fill out a contact form!

Bumble Baby

Bumble baby is composed by a team of five mothers! All who are RNs or licensed professionals. Together they offer their expert and evidence based strategies on topics ranging from feeding to postpartum depression! They combine their expertise in these areas + their own personal experience as a mothers to best prepare new parents for parenthood with a realistic + non-judgemental approach.

Want to learn more? Visit Bumble Baby’s website and see what services they offer here!