What kind of photographer are you?


My work has been described as organic, natural, and sentimental. I really try to understand and capture emotional connections between your family. I like to combine both traditional and lifestyle newborn and family portraiture to recreate realistic, lifestyle images for you to treasure for a lifetime. Imagine your family as fine art, as you will get a gallery full of images that you can display in your home as pieces of art or archive in a custom album to be treasured for generations. You are investing in your family's history. Images from your session often tell a story- the story of your life. 

Where will my session be held?

I primarily use natural light on-location. I love how diverse Chicago is- there's amazing spots all around town: urban to earthy, rustic textures. Together we will choose the perfect location for your session. Newborn lifestyle sessions are typically held in your home.

When are newborn sessions done?

Every family has different preferences. I like to do newborn sessions within the first 4 weeks of life.

What's the difference between a Lifestyle session and a Traditional portrait session?

Lifestyle sessions are done using items in your home (couch, bed, nursery). Lifestyle sessions focus on organic family connections. I do limited posing- I help 'guide' you guys into good lighting scenarios, and help you guys interact in a way where it's most flattering in a photograph. Newborn lifestyle sessions are often 'baby-led'. So no cheesy, posey-posey stuff. Typically 60-90 minutes.

Traditional portrait sessions usually are more structured, posed, and in my humble opinion, rigid. And this is why refer to my shooting style as 'lifestyle.' I really try to make my clients feel super comfortable and relaxed. Because believe me, it will show in your photos!  :)

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TOGETHER, we are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.




But What Do I Wear?!

You JUST had a baby and you aren't feeling your best? So this is the PERFECT excuse to pamper yourself. Schedule yourself a mani/pedi, get your hair + make-up done (I have fabulous recs!!), and/or book yourself a massage. The more relaxed and the better you feel about yourself, the more comfortable you will be for your session. And it will definitely resonate in your images. This is truly an exciting time in your life, and I want to capture all of that- so be sure to take care of yourself first! 

I find that most moms like to wear neutrals or a black top for newborn sessions. Camisoles and knit tops work great because of the skin on skin with you holding the baby. These tend to be classic, timeless images.

At the end of the day, these will be cherished memories, and you want to look fabulous in them- especially when you hang that gorgeous canvas on your wall! As far as outfits and clothing- keep it simple. Make sure you're comfortable and your wardrobe style reflects who you are. Do you wear a lot of jewelry? Do you like scarves? You can create a color concept by picking 3 colors and adding texture to your outfit by layering with scarves, jewelry, bow tie, cardigans, etc. Color can be fantastic. And patterns can be fun. It's okay to mix and match a bit- have fun with it, and just be you! 

Still need more help? Here's a great post I just wrote up on the blog. Or feel free to ask me to help you edit your family wardrobe choices.

Will I get my digital files after the shoot?

YES! And they are beautifully edited too. :)

Photographs grow in value over time and become family treasures. I know the importance of archiving and saving digital images. I offer one simple, straight-forward, all inclusive pricing where you get all the high resolution digital files delivered via direct download and a print release. A minimum of 40 digitals will be available but usually there are more. I include both black and white and color images. You also have the option to buy additional prints and fine art, one-of-a-kind framed products.

When and where can I order additional prints and products?

Within four to eight weeks of your shoot,  you will receive a link to a private online gallery where you will have a few weeks to order additional products.

How do you choose what images end up in my gallery?

I look at each and every image I take at your session and hand select the cream of the crop. I select a minimum of 40 images, but there are usually many more than that.

How far out do you book?

I typically book out 4-8 weeks in advance. If you are interested in newborn portraits, please inquire while you are still preggo. Already delivered? No problem, I try to leave openings in my schedule for newborn sessions. Fresh48 hospital sessions are taken on a extremely limited basis because of the narrow window of time that I must be there. My stance is quality over quantity, and I have to make sure I don't take on too much!

do you photograph any weddings?

Unfortunately, no. I really want to focus on my favorites (newborn, child, and families) really, really well. With that said, I will occasionally entertain a request for an intimate elopement or ceremony. Same goes for engagement photos, but I really encourage those clients to ask their wedding photographer to have that opportunity to get better acquainted! ;) 

How much does this all cost?

Currently, I am all inclusive, meaning you pay one price for ALL of your digital files. You can visit here for a full list of all that I currently offer. A $200 session retainer (that applies towards your session balance) is due when booking to secure your session date.

Do you ever do 'mini' or smaller sessions with only 10 or so images?

Unfortunately, not for client families I haven't worked with before. The way I like to capture children, families, and LIFE on camera isn't merely a quick snapshot of 10 images. It's really hard to share the story of your life in this stage with just 10. I admittedly overshoot, but it gives me a wide variety of images to deliver to you, and these sessions cover the large amount of time I spend behind the camera and post processing. Plus limiting a photographer to a small number of images in a short, rigid time frame sounds like stiff, rigid poses to me. Just not my cup of tea. ;)

what is your rescheduling policy?

Life happens. I have two kids and a very busy business - which means that I understand, appreciate and accept the unexpected. If something unavoidable arises, we will find a time in the very near future that works for both parties. Please remember that session fees are non-refundable. If the unavoidable issue is weather, all efforts will be made to re-schedule your session as soon as possible. 

How do I book a session with you? 

I am so glad you asked! :) You can e-mail me directly at jenny@jennygrimm.com, or via the contact button below.

Note: I take on a limited amount of clients each month to ensure an exceptional quality of service and products. If you would like to book a time sensitive session (i.e. newborn, birth photography, maternity, and other life milestones), please contact me as soon as possible. If you already had your little one, contact me ASAP and I will do my best to fit you in my schedule right away! Oh, and please be sure to add 'jenny@jennygrimm.com' to your list of contacts or check your spam/promotional folder so that you don't miss an email, just in case! ❤︎


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